mercoledì 4 settembre 2013

INDIA - How your campaigning helped stop a Vedanta mine in Orissa.

Amnesty campaigners protest at the Vedanta AGM. (c) Simone Novotny
Indigenous people in Orissa, India, have blocked plans by UK-based Vedanta resources to open a mine in their sacred Nyamgiri Hills. Peter Frankental, our Business and Human Rights campaigner, reflects

When in 2008 we began drawing attention to the human rights impacts of Vedanta's refinery and proposed mine in Orissa, this seemed like a lost cause. Rarely has the Indian Government refused mining licences to a project so far advanced.

While there seemed little to shake the company's complacency, Vedanta did not reckon on the strength of the opposition. The affected communities in Orissa linked up with organisations in India and with international NGOs to create a formidable force in defence of their rights:

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