venerdì 1 giugno 2012

NEPAL - Truth without justice is an insult.

"When a member of a family is disappeared, that family is completely destroyed. If the sons or daughters of our politicians were taken like my brother was, perhaps then they would understand our experience and feelings and be willing to do something about it." Rajeev Kumar Karna, brother of Sanjeev Kumar Karna.
Purnimaya Lama never abandoned her quest for justice. Her husband Arjun was taken by Maoist cadres in 2005. Witnesses say they held him for two months before he was killed.
Yet again Nepal's political leaders are stalling on commitments to prosecute and punish those among them responsible for human rights abuses during the conflict. As they haggle to save their own skins, the voices of victims and their families demanding justice continue to be ignored.
Lawmakers want to replace bills creating a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and a Commission on Disappearances with a new draft that lacks clauses prohibiting amnesty for serious abuses of international human rights and humanitarian law carried out during the armed conflict. The NC, UML and Maoists have apparently agreed to reduce the commissions' mandate to truth-telling and reconciliation, making it unlikely that anyone would be tried and punished for these horrendous crimes. After a long hard struggle, economic hardship and intimidation, the proposed changes could deny justice to thousands of victims and their families.

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