giovedì 1 dicembre 2011

Nepal - Truth without justice will not be acceptable.

The families of conflict victims of Nepal warned to Nepal Government that if their demands are not addressed, or if the bills are passed by removing the victims’ right to justice, they will be compelled to reject.
In a press conference organized on 28 November,2011 by the Transitional Justice Advocacy Group, victims' families further added that 'Any kind of provisions such as pardon, amnesty, case withdrawal, etc. for any incidents constituting serious violations of international human rights and humanitarian law will not be acceptable to us.'
They have further demanded that the bills regarding the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Commission on the Disappeared – which are now being considered at the Constituent Assembly – should be passed in a manner that will bring to light the truth and will ensure justice to victims.
The conflict victims and their family associations have expressed deep concerns that all parties, the political parties in particular, were not serious about this process. 'Any law or mechanism lacking the minimum international human rights standards aimed at establishing truth and delivering justice will not be acceptable to us' they said.
Victims' families added –'A public process should be determined for selecting Commissioners in an independent, impartial, transparent and competitive manner, bearing in mind the best international practices in order to guarantee the independence of the Commissions and to maintain their propriety'.
'A special provision should be made in both bills to ensure the protection of victims and witnesses in order to secure their cooperation', they demanded .
They further said that once established, the two Commissions should act in an integrated manner. Since there maybe confusion, duplication and different approaches undertaken by the Commissions, clarity regarding their work is essential. Arrangements should be made from the beginning to run these Commissions simultaneously by minimizing duplication in their work.
On the occasion, Chairperson of National Network of Families of Disappeared and Missing Nepal(NEFAD) RamKumar Bhandari, sister of UjjanKumar shrestha killed by the UCPN(Maoist)  Constitutional Assembly(CA) member Balkrishna Dhungel , Sabitri Shrestha, representative of Atanka Pidit Tuhura Samaj (CVOS Nepal) Phanindra Luitel, representative of Conflict victim Society for Justice Dipak Thakuri shed light about their problems . The Transitional Justice Advocacy Group is a single voice of many national and international  human rights organizations along with  Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights(OHCHR), Amnesty International and others.

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